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i2i is based in Lewes, East Sussex. Lewes is the County Town and is a delightful historic community centrally located, beautifully preserved and in a central position to serve the South Eastern Coast from Hastings to Chichester. 
Lewes station is the central point for London,  Easterly to Rye via Hastings. Southerly Seaford via Newhaven, Westerly to Southampton via Brighton, Hove and Chichester and to the North, Haywards Heath and London via Gatwick.
A good road network follows the same pattern. Main industry is a famous brewery Harvey's. Oh lovely.
i2i has been three years in the making and a year in operation. The first 13 part weekly magazine programme was broadcast in October 2016. an 8 part series Bloody Tales of a Tiny Town was broadcast on the Community Channel throughout May 2017. Two more 8 part series are being produced for broadcast later this year.
What's In A Name is presently in production for release in September 2017 and The Chef, a food/wine  programme is being developed for release later this year. 
Our local network magazine programme is also planned for broadcast in the autumn.
i2i TV fills an important gap in the broadcasting services offered in the UK. There is National Television with BBC, ITV, Sky and numerous other outlets. There is regional TV with outlets such as Meridien, Anglia, STV and so called local TV which covers the bigger cities and connurbations. 
But there is no truly local TV. i2i is filling that gap by developing a tiny town network shown on a rented TV channel and on the web. Its output is geared to local communities and its programmes take local issues and expand them to shows of national and even global interest. i2i is the only TV enterprise taking this approach to providing truly local TV.
i2i TV is privately owned but involves its shareholders and supporters in producing first class TV 
Our people
Keith Hayes Executive Producer
Melissa Conti Producer
Trevor Heathfield Commercial Manager
Sam Compton Director
Simon Brooksbank Consultant
Graham Addicott  Advisor
i2i TV is not expensive to run but it does need funding, as any enterprise does.  We rely on entrepreneurial personnel. Our team work hard without a fixed slary, depending on the success of their work for remuneration. Investors have bought shares in the company; others have backed it with loans. We are applying for grants but most of the funds come from INDIEGOGO crowdfunding, sponsorships and advertising .  
i2i TV is a new concept in local TV. It is constantly evolving as it discoveres new and different ways of approaching audiences, 
There is no fixed approach to the market place because there has never been this type of product before in the UK. 
We are treading uncharted waters which makes the enterprise exciting and challenging.

BUY SHARES - BUY ADVERTISING - BUY SPONSORSHIPS - SUPPORT THROUGH INDIEGOGO                https:www.indiegogo.com/projects/what-s-in-a-name-television#/  

Well someone's got to do it.!!
Executive Producer Keith Hayes is known for his hands on approach. He is a former BBC, CBC, PBS and Reuters TV broadcaster with a great track record of TV training and consulting in more than 40 countries in the world. 
He is backed up by Melissa Conti who has extensive experience with AP and PBS, Sam Compton, former MD of the Aga Khan's TV network and commercial manager Trevor Heathfield Anyone for dinner?
A face born for TV; Melissa Conti has more than twenty years of experience in the broadcast and print industries. A native of New York City, Melissa was the presenter and creative force behind the international public broadcasting series, Morning Business Report, for more than a decade. Prior to that, she worked for the worldwide Pulitzer Prize winning news organization, The Associated Press, where she reported on major international news stories. In her free time, she loves singing, watching documentaries and history shows and volunteering for charity organizations. 

You can buy shares in i2i Shares cost £10 per share and a minimum purchase of £100 is required
Ask for a share purchase at i2itv@mail.com

Look at our fund raising pages on Indiegogo. From £1 to £5000 you can support us with loads of exciting rewards for your donations 

Our programmes are exciting and engaging.They are packed with information but provide a giggle along the way. Local and niche broadcasting appeals to a specific type of audience so the audience measurement isn't done in numbers, it's done from community reaction and the magnetism generated for a special type of local viewer. But the gossips really enjoy these programmes and as sponsors, your name gets out there where it is important that it should be.
​Contact Trevor Heathfield  on 
44 7850 504626

You won't find a more cost effective way to sell your goods than on local TV.  It's effectve, has impact and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay for text or radio.
Whether you are trying to reach your local community or have sales orders that a wider audience should know about, buy some spots on i2i tv.
E mail i2itv@mail.com for a rate card


General manager
We need a General Manager to help steer our enterprise. We are looking for someone with experience of managment not necessarily a media background.
The position doesn't carry a salary but a generous proportion of operating profit is earned as programmes, advertising and sponsorships are sold. We are very strong on sales, so the risk isn't that great but the incumbent should be prepared to take remueration as it is earned. Perhaps this post would suit someone who has recently retired but wants to lead a new challenging and productive career.


This post is also rewarded on the basis of results. But what a fascinating job it is. Researching local history, lining up interviewees, checking out facts and figures and finding photos and video clips on the web.
This position would suit someone who has time to fill and who would like to develop new skills, or someone recently from college or university who needs to get experience to go on to greater things.


We need all of the above to help make our programmes. We pay a minimum rate with a bonus once the programme is on air


If you always wanted to be involved with television but can't work in the industry. We need Production assistants, assistant camera crews, secretaries and other posts. These are unpaid roles but they sit at the middle of the action and are exciting and satisfying. Give us a call if this appeals to you.


If you've got your diploma or degree but can't get a job for lack of experience. Then contact us. We can take a limited number of apprentices on short term agreements to help fill up that CV and turn you into a professiona broadcaster